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Top 10 Halloween Cars

Here at Auto Trader, we love compiling a good list. Today we bring you a very bad list. A list of our favourite Halloween inspired cars – from the creepy to the downright terrifying.

10. Scary Smart Car

This little guy may not have the smartest costume but sometimes it’s the simplest things that work best. Genius!

9. Pinky and the brain

Looking like that weird brain villain, Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this bub wouldn’t need to beep to get us out of the way.

8. Coffin-mower

Not strictly a car but 10 points for effort goes to this kid’s coffin-mobile

7. Car vs Alien

We found Ridley Scotts’ Aliens scary enough when they were on legs but just imagine if they were motor powered!

6. Christine

No one wants to mess with Steven King’s evil-minded motor, Christine was way more than Arnie Cunningham bargained for when he bought this rather lovely looking Plymouth Fury – cue scary headlights.

5. Car Skeleton

If Gunther von Hagen made cars instead of frighteningly inappropriate anatomical exhibitions, this is probably what you’d get.

4. Ghost truck

Never mind the Ghost Train, that might have scared you when you were a child but it doesn’t have a patch on this terrifying truck!

3. The It car

Steven King inspires our fears again with this clown Beetle. We could never look at clowns the same way again after that Georgie scene in It.

2. Goldilocks car

Arguably the most frightening car you’ll never hope to see in real life. We reckon that Bear can just keep that car now, who’s going to ask him to give it back?!

1. Car Carnage

That’s a lot of effort they’ve gone to there, keeping that windscreen real clean.So this Zombie killer car had to top our list.


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Buy a new car for 99p

Want a new car without the price tag? Halfords is selling a ‘New Car Air Freshener,’ designed to make a car smell like it’s brand new.

Does it work? We put it to the test.

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Borat’s Bentley?

Borat's Bentley

“Cultural learnings of Bentley for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan”

Forget America, Britain and Germany… Bentley is opening a dealership in Kazakhstan – the home country of fictional film star Borat.

Bentley says the new dealership is evidence of “the growing demand for Bentleys far beyond the company’s traditional markets”.

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Lost Keys and site improvements

The last week and a half has seen a huge amount of activity on autotrader.co.uk.

Not only has the site been improved as a result of feedback, but last week also saw the launch of the Auto Trader Lost Keys competition.

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What are your favourite car films?

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as Thelma & Louise

Honda has asked the nation what its favourite ‘real world’ car films are – and they want you to star in the next one.

What are your favourite car films?

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What car should Schuey drive?

Picture the scenario – you’re a Mercedes-Benz PR person. Your company has just built a menacing 571bhp Gullwing-door supercar.

Then, a few months down the line, you re-enter Formula One and sign one of the world’s most famous – and successful drivers.

What to do?

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Caption competition

OK you know the deal by now – here’s today’s caption competition.

Post your captions in the comments box below. Humorous responses encouraged.


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Special-edition Mito for Maserati

Alfa Romeo Mito Maserati

Maserati has teamed up with Alfa Romeo to create 100 special-edition Mitos.

The limited run will be dispatched to Maserati dealers across Europe to be used as courtesy cars.

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The UK’s speed camera hotspots

New research has revealed the top three areas for speeding convictions.

Do you live near a speed camera hotpot? Here’s the full list:
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Wrong number

Ever since the first registration number was issued in the UK way back in 1904, car owners have paid daft sums of money to secure something tasty, to make their car stand out from the crowd.

While an expensive car doesn’t look quite right without a posh plate, when you’re driving a 15-year old Cavalier, spending a couple of hundred quid on a cheap registration to disguise its age seems rather pointless.

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