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Heard it through the grape #vine

You’ve probably heard about Twitter’s new video-sharing service, Vine. The app, which is now available to download for iPhone, replicates the short and sweet nature of the micro-blogging network. We’ve been having a play around with it at TMG Towers and having watched others 6 second video contributions we’re now convinced that this is a pretty exciting development for social media.

Creativity thrives with constraints. It’s the unique selling point behind Twitter’s success. Where other social networks allow you to rant and rave until the cows come home, Twitter (should) make you tweet only the important details. Now Vine will encourage people to work within the channel’s constraints to produce clever videos that make the very best of a 6 second moving image.

Here’s a few of our favourites so far…Oh and you can click here to watch the full McLaren MP4-12C review:


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VIDEO: Lotus Evora reviewed

The Lotus Evora S offers the best balance of steering, ride and handling performance of any car on sale, says Jon Quirk. Our man visited Lotus HQ in Hethel to test the company’s flagship coupe on road and track.

The Evora is a stunning car, both aesthetically and technically. For the money, the Evora S is one of the best drivers’ cars we’ve tested, but it’s the Porsche 911 that offers a more rounded ownership proposition. You’d need to be very committed to choose the Evora S over a 911, but we’d completely understand if you did.

Visit Auto Trader for more information on the Lotus Evora

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Filming my first video car review


When I learned to be a web journalist, I never really expected to find myself in front of a video camera.

But a video team was on hand at the Citroen C3 Picasso launch, and it seemed like the ideal time to get on the horse.

When the time came to speak around the new MPV on film, I was surprised to find myself under the watchful eye of the man, the legend: Mike Brewer.

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Should we all drive a new Toyota Prius?


Toyota Prius unveiled at the 2009 Detroit Motor Show

The Toyota Prius has been a striking success, selling in numbers its manufacturer could only have dreamed of.

It’s by far the biggest selling electric and petrol engined hybrid in history, and now a new Toyota Prius has been unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show.

But should we all rush out and buy one if we want to save the planet?
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First taste of new Renault Megane


This is road tester Andy Goodwin reporting from an autumnal Madrid, where I’ve just driven the brand new Renault Megane for the first time.

Gone is the large rump, made famous by Renault’s ‘shaking that ass’ adverts, in favour of a more subtle boot.

The rest of the car has been redesigned too, and the front now shares the same ‘look’ as the bigger Renault Laguna.

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First ever Auto Trader video car review

Honda Accord

We’ve just published our video car review of the new Honda Accord which goes on sale in June (October for the Tourer version).

It’s a great car which should give Audi A4 and BMW 3-series drivers pause for thought.

There are some fantastic saloons about at the moment – the Ford Mondeo has continued Ford’s resurgence while the Mazda 6, the car which kicked off zoom-zoom has been well-received too. Continue reading


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