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Heard it through the grape #vine

You’ve probably heard about Twitter’s new video-sharing service, Vine. The app, which is now available to download for iPhone, replicates the short and sweet nature of the micro-blogging network. We’ve been having a play around with it at TMG Towers and having watched others 6 second video contributions we’re now convinced that this is a pretty exciting development for social media.

Creativity thrives with constraints. It’s the unique selling point behind Twitter’s success. Where other social networks allow you to rant and rave until the cows come home, Twitter (should) make you tweet only the important details. Now Vine will encourage people to work within the channel’s constraints to produce clever videos that make the very best of a 6 second moving image.

Here’s a few of our favourites so far…Oh and you can click here to watch the full McLaren MP4-12C review:


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VIDEO: Lotus Evora reviewed

The Lotus Evora S offers the best balance of steering, ride and handling performance of any car on sale, says Jon Quirk. Our man visited Lotus HQ in Hethel to test the company’s flagship coupe on road and track.

The Evora is a stunning car, both aesthetically and technically. For the money, the Evora S is one of the best drivers’ cars we’ve tested, but it’s the Porsche 911 that offers a more rounded ownership proposition. You’d need to be very committed to choose the Evora S over a 911, but we’d completely understand if you did.

Visit Auto Trader for more information on the Lotus Evora

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Digital radio still seen as the next big step for in-car technology

British drivers think hands-free driving will be the next big technological leap in motoring, research by Auto Trader and Digital Radio UK reveals.

The research looks at digital innovation in cars and reveals that UK motorists want technology to take some of the hassle out of driving. With 40% thinking self-park buttons are the next big thing and 35% believing voice commands are the future of motoring. However, despite the desire for hands-free driving, the top in-car innovation demanded by motorists is something that is already a part of life for some drivers – digital radio.

41% believe that DAB radios are the next leap forward for in-car technology, despite the fact that 15% of British drivers already have digital radios in their cars.

Nick King, Market Research Director at Auto Trader, says: “Digital technology has transformed the way consumers see the world over the past decade and motorists are no different. They have seen how voice recognition has changed phones and how apps have made previously complex things solvable at the press of a button. They now want motoring to be made as easy as possible by putting these features in cars. As we have seen in many other industries, the companies who respond and adapt best to changing consumer need will benefit most in the years to come.”

Although the Government has indicated the digital radio switch-over might take place in the next couple of years, misplaced concerns about the price of installing a digital radio may well be putting people off getting one installed. In-car digital radios can be picked up for around £70 and installation is available for as little as £30 but the motorists we surveyed believed on average it would cost them £202 – more than double the actual cost.

The concerns over price come at the same time as the vast majority (71%) of motorists believe having a DAB radio installed will add value to the price of their car. Nick King continues: “At the moment motorists have conflicting views on digital radio. Despite the fact it is already here they think it will be the next great innovation and despite believing it will be an investment and add value to their car, they hugely over-estimate the costs involved in getting one. When/if the date of the digital switch-over is confirmed more people will have DABs fitted to their cars as potential buyers will demand it.”

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Top 10 Halloween Cars

Here at Auto Trader, we love compiling a good list. Today we bring you a very bad list. A list of our favourite Halloween inspired cars – from the creepy to the downright terrifying.

10. Scary Smart Car

This little guy may not have the smartest costume but sometimes it’s the simplest things that work best. Genius!

9. Pinky and the brain

Looking like that weird brain villain, Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this bub wouldn’t need to beep to get us out of the way.

8. Coffin-mower

Not strictly a car but 10 points for effort goes to this kid’s coffin-mobile

7. Car vs Alien

We found Ridley Scotts’ Aliens scary enough when they were on legs but just imagine if they were motor powered!

6. Christine

No one wants to mess with Steven King’s evil-minded motor, Christine was way more than Arnie Cunningham bargained for when he bought this rather lovely looking Plymouth Fury – cue scary headlights.

5. Car Skeleton

If Gunther von Hagen made cars instead of frighteningly inappropriate anatomical exhibitions, this is probably what you’d get.

4. Ghost truck

Never mind the Ghost Train, that might have scared you when you were a child but it doesn’t have a patch on this terrifying truck!

3. The It car

Steven King inspires our fears again with this clown Beetle. We could never look at clowns the same way again after that Georgie scene in It.

2. Goldilocks car

Arguably the most frightening car you’ll never hope to see in real life. We reckon that Bear can just keep that car now, who’s going to ask him to give it back?!

1. Car Carnage

That’s a lot of effort they’ve gone to there, keeping that windscreen real clean.So this Zombie killer car had to top our list.

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Arnold Clark Real Sale iPad giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of their Real Sale, our friends at Arnold Clark have provided an Apple iPad 2 to give away to our fans. Simply visit our Facebook page to enter.

The Arnold Clark Real Sale runs from Monday 26th December and offers real choice and real savings. With over 10,000 cars available from 145 Arnold Clark dealerships throughout the UK – you’re bound to find a car deal that suits you!

The man himself, Sir Arnold Clark, Chairman and Chief executive said, “with huge savings on over 10,000 vehicles, customers are guaranteed to pick up a bargain. Couple these amazingly low prices with low finance rates, quick delivery on all vehicles, drive away insurance and ACCIST, the complimentary accident service and Arnold Clark has the perfect motoring package.”

So if you’re looking to buy a new car, visit your local Arnold Clark branch or check out their website for your nearest branch and search over 10,000 cars, before incredible savings accelerate away!


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Auto Trader’s Greatest Road Trips!

Everybody loves a road trip but what makes one truly great? Auto Trader asked their Facebook fans and 68% of the respondents said it’s about the people you go with.

To celebrate the launch of The Greatest New Car Showroom in the www, Auto Trader has created three of The Greatest Road Trips for you to win and, most importantly, to share the experience with your friends.

Road tripping isn’t about the beginning or the end; it’s experiencing everything in between. So each trip has its own unique personality and is packed full of activities from a helicopter flight over the French Riviera, to a Polish city tour in a quirky Trabant car, and a ride aboard camels to ascend the Erg Chebbi dunes of Morocco.

Whether you’re an off-road adventurer, a fun-loving backpacker or a seaside sophisticate there’s a road trip to suit you. And if that wasn’t enough we’re also giving away loads of spot prizes throughout the competition including an iPad, a Nintendo DS and a Kindle!

To find out which of Auto Trader’s Greatest Road Trips you are and to be in with a chance of winning it for you and three friends, visit our Facebook page today!

Auto Trader’s Greatest Road Trips:

  1. The Adventurer – Journey across the High Atlas Mountains, explore the winding streets of Marrakech and witness the sun setting over the Sahara desert.
  2. The Sophisticate – Sauntering down through the vineyards of France to try your luck in the Casino de Monte Carlo, and experience a stunning helicopter tour of the French Riviera.
  3. The Backpacker – Touring across Europe’s liveliest cities to experience the buzzing nightlife of Prague, inspiring art scene of Budapest, and iconic historical landmarks of Krakow.

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Johnny Herbert’s Fiat 500 for sale

A 1972 Fiat 500 previously owned by the much-loved British Formula 1 racing driver, Johnny Herbert is up for sale on Auto Trader.

Herbert is well-known for his cheerful and boisterous character but his career was blighted by more than its fair share of bad luck – finishing a number of races early (often through no fault of his own) and in 1988 he endured one of the worst accidents ever seen in the F3000 where he sustained serious injuries to both his feet and ankles. Incredibly, he recovered to make his Formula 1 debut only 7 months later. 

Now for the car, The Fiat 500 was produced between 1957 and 1975 and its quirky looks and practicality made it popular throughout Europe. 50 years on from the introduction of the original, Fiat previewed a brand new Fiat 500 in March 2007. It’s been a huge success in the UK – Auto Trader Owner Reviewers rate it  highly too, awarding it an average of 4.6 out of 5!

If you haven’t seen Mr Herbert in action watch this video tribute to his 1st Grand Prix victory on home turf at Silverstone in the 1995.

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Exclusive peek at our New Car TV ad!

Auto Trader is no longer just the number one destination for used cars. With the launch of our New Cars website, it’s now easier than ever to find everything you need to buy a brand new car, from expert and owner reviews to ordering brochures and booking a test drive – all in the one place!

You can easily search by body type, make, model and price or use the galleries and new menus to find a car that suits your needs. Say you’re interested in the new BMW we now have new make/model pages where you’ll find all the latest models with links to expert reviews and owner ratings. Then you just select the car you’re interested in, e.g. the new BMW 3 Series and there you’ll find everything from the MPG and CO2 emissions to the available trim packages and specifications.

You can also compare up to four different cars at a time, side by side, which allows you to easily compare value and available packages. Then it’s up to you to chose a local dealer to get more information and brook a test drive.

Our new TV advert is due to hit your television screens tonight but if you miss it, check it out below and discover the greatest new car showroom in the www!

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Win tickets to The Auto Trader Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod

The Auto Trader Easter Thunderball takes place on Friday 22nd to Monday 25th April 2011 at Santa Pod the home of European drag racing.

The Easter Thunderball opens the drag racing season but alongside the racing action comes a whole host of other exciting attractions. A huge variety of cars and bikes will be racing down the quarter mile including spectacular 300mph Top Fuel dragsters, wheelie cars and jet powered vehicles. 

Today we’re giving away 15 pairs of tickets in a Facebook fan free-for-all, so it’s first come first served. So don’t miss out and like us on Facebook today! We’ve given away all our free tickets but if you’re not one of our lucky winners you can still book tickets for this event at www.santapod.co.uk or call 01234 782828.

Our winners can expect monster trucks, stunt displays, freestyle motocross and street riders amongst other high octane entertainment.

For 2011 the first world tour of Evel Knievel’s most iconic memorabilia comes to The Auto Trader Easter Thunderball. Evel’s original motorcycles, famous jump leathers, personal memorabilia, unseen photos and untold stories will be exhibited. 

The event promises to be a true “motorsport extravaganza” both on and off the track.

Terms and conditions:

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Richard Hammond’s AeroMax for sale

Just two weeks after his co-presenter’s Lamborghini Gallardo found its way on to Auto Trader, Richard Hammond’s extremely rare Morgan AeroMax is now up for sale too.

Hammond’s 2008 Morgan AeroMax is one of only 100 ever made and he has made no secret of his enthusiasm for the car on Top Gear.

The pint-sized presenter, explained exactly why he holds the AeroMax in such great esteem on the Top Gear blog back in 2008, just after he splashed out on the rare sports car.

“Hand-built by craftsmen, finished in a steely grey that shows off every curve and sweep of that outrageous shape, drawn by young Matt Humphries and built by Morgan in smoothly sculpted aluminium – it’s beautiful”

The car is being sold by Mole Valley Cars, a sports, prestige and Morgan specialist, based in the South-East. Director John Heywood told the Small World News Service: “It’s very rare, very fast and sounds like a spitfire – and it comes with one previous infamous owner!”

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