Introducing new Top Marques website

At Auto Trader we’re passionate about cars but our sister website,, is the destination for premium cars – from classic cars to the latest performance cars.

Top Marques the magazine was launched in 1994 and the website now has more than 100,000 cars for sale on the website, making it the largest premium stock on sale in the UK. So this month we decided to relaunch the website with an all new design. It’s now much quicker, easier and more enjoyable to use – featuring a new homepage, advanced search, improved listing capabilities and bespoke content including the latest news, reviews, features and advice.

We’ll be adding more and more content to the site as we go but to start us off, Top Marques presents the most comprehensive used car video guide to the stunning Bentley Continental GT. Editor-in-Chief Jon Quirk discusses everything you need to know about the GT with the General Manager of Jack Barclay, London, Derek Bennett.

Here’s what our Jon Quirk had to say about the relaunch: “The new Top Marques website is an important step in the brand’s digital future. We’ve listened to our customers – both buyers and sellers of prestige and performance cars – and used this information to present a more engaging and immersive digital showroom, as well as introduce editorial content that will not only stimulate search, but inform and reassure buyers in their purchasing decisions too.”

What do you think? Leave your comments below and watch this space to find out more exciting news from Top Marques:


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by | January 23, 2013 · 12:47 pm

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