Ode to a Volkswagen Golf…

Owner reviews have been flying in to Auto Trader since we launched the service a few months back, especially with our brand new competition giving away £500 every day as an incentive.

Some submissions have used a little more creative licence than others. Take this poem, written by David from Exeter on the Volkswagen Golf hatchback (2004-08), entitled A Golf can putt you off driving

I loved my gold Golf for over five years,

But our relationship then ended in tears.

Had her from new and serviced her with care.

Drove her with pride, from here to there,

But when just only five, she broke down twice.

First her clutch, leaving me stranded in ice.

Then her brakes, which was also not nice.

I vowed she would not fail me thrice,

So we sought help from VW, her maker.

They said this was no relationship breaker,

But their service was slow and advice pathetic,

So we wrote to the boss, who was sympathetic.

He sent a few hundred against two grand spent,

But this was merely a gesture with no repent.

So I recently sold goldy to another kind man,

And now drive her younger red sister when I can.

So the moral of this relationship tale,

Is keep trying if first you should fail.

And, the Golf can be a costly ride ,

But a younger model will boost your pride.

Ok so it’s not exactly a straightforward ode after all, David encountered a few relationship problems with his Golf and ended up trading it in for a newer model. Them’s the breaks, but that’s the beauty of our owner reviews, they provide the personal perspective alongside the more formal reviews contributed by our team of motoring journalists.

You can check out the rest of our owner reviews on the 2004/2008 Volkswagen Golf hatchback here, which has now been reviewed by 122 people and has received an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.



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2 responses to “Ode to a Volkswagen Golf…

  1. A Poem about a car…well what can I say!!

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