Auto Trader Mobile Twitter Takeover

Have you got any questions on the latest developments in the mobile industry or are you wondering what Auto Trader mobile are planning next? Perhaps you just want to chat about your favourite handset or app?

We’ll be answering all of these and more on our Twitter feed this Friday. Gareth Bradshaw, our mobile product manager  is taking over our Twitter feed from midday to answer your questions.

If you’re not able to make it or you’re yet to get involved in this ‘Twitter malark’ – leave us some questions in the comments below and we’ll make sure Gareth sees them on the day.

To tune in to Gareth’s Q&A session follow @AutoTrader_UK or search for #AskAT on Twitter.



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4 responses to “Auto Trader Mobile Twitter Takeover

  1. I must match with John on this , you actually aced it the description but the determination was a bit off. Well written nevertheless.

  2. Hi Peter,

    We’re really disappointed to hear about your recent experience so we’d firstly like to apologise and reassure you that contrary to what you were told, Auto Trader takes any fraudulent behaviour very seriously and we work closely with the Police to pursue the source of this activity.

    We value your security very highly so if you would like to pursue this matter further or have any questions at all please speak to our safety & security team on 01925 294 614.

    For more information see our Safety & Security centre: or email:

    The Auto Trader Team

  3. Exciting short article and 1 which should be more widely identified about in my watch. Your degree of detail is great and the clarity of writing is excellent. I’ve bookmarked it to suit your needs in order that other individuals is going to be ready to see what you have to say.

  4. PETER

    Just recieved a call from auto trader. seems that an fraudulent add was placed. someone placed an add to sell a car and was going to steal my money. an expensive car cheap. but back to the call. seems that all auto trader does is pull the add when and if they find it. took them 11 days to call me and i had to request a phone call or they would not have called to tell me the add was a hoax. they also told me that “THEY DO NOT PURSUE THESE THIEVES”. I’m simply amazed by AUTO TRADERS lack of interest that their customers are being ripped off and they do nothing. this is simply a shamefull way to do business.

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