Dust off the map if you’re heading to Cornwall

"Was this really the fastest route?"

I’ve enjoyed breaks in Cornwall for the past five years, but have never really needed to use sat-nav for one reason or another.

This year was different. Armed with a fully updated off-the-shelf box of tricks and with plans to visit spots all over the peninsula, the sat-nav was in full swing.

And boy oh boy did we end up creeping down some narrow and uninviting lanes.

I grew up in the country and learnt to drive on a tractor, so I’m not normally too phased by greenery, but with the sun blocked out by dense vegetation and the car’s sump scraping along the grass growing in the middle of the road, some of the suggested routes were questionable to say the least.

The T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park sprung to mind, only without the dinosaur in my rear view.

After praying to the driving gods no one would be coming the other way, enforcing the world’s longest reverse manoeuvre, we would eventually emerge at the other end, my passenger feeling exceptionally car sick.

So the advice is: if you head to the South West on a trip and do use sat-nav, fiddle with the menus and make sure it’s programmed to only plan routes using major roads.

But really, taking a map to plan your trip is a much safer option.

By Andy Goodwin



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2 responses to “Dust off the map if you’re heading to Cornwall

  1. Thanks for this tip of sticking to main roads

  2. Take a look at the new Alpine multimedia system. It looks really good. It could be the best sat nav to travel with. It has bluetooth and a whole host of other stuff. It might give Tom Tom a run for their money!

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