Teenager quoted £17,000 to insure a Vauxhall Corsa

A learner driver has been quoted £17,000 to insure his £2,000, 1-litre engined Vauxhall Corsa.

James Hayes, who celebrates his 17th birthday next week, told the Daily Mail, “I used six comparison websites and the cheapest comprehensive quote I found as a learner driver was £2,257 with ibuyeco. This rises to £3,555 with Admiral when I pass my test. It’s ridiculous when my car is only worth £2,000.”

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Prohibitively expensive premiums have caused many young people to insure cars in their parents’ names and put themselves as a named driver on the policy – an illegal practice known as ‘fronting’.

Many insurance companies keep all quotes generated by customers. This means if someone initially requests a quote for themselves, before applying for a new quote with their parent as the main driver instead, the insurer will not pay out on this policy.

Malcolm Tarling of the ABI told the Daily Mail, “It is not uncommon for premiums for young drivers to exceed the value of their car.

“The main risk is not loss or damage to the car itself, but the potential cost of personal injury awards made against the driver if they cause an accident. This can easily run into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.’”

Have you struggled to find an affordable insurance quote? Have you been tempted to ‘front’ your child’s insurance policy? Have your say below.

By Rhian Angharad Jones



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17 responses to “Teenager quoted £17,000 to insure a Vauxhall Corsa

  1. jag

    much more harm is done to the teenager as a heart boken cannot be fixed

  2. saleha

    I couldn’t agree more….
    Just got a vauxhall corsa 1.6 for £650 was so damn excited about how cheap it was despite in excellent condition….turns out its a sport and i need around 3500 to insure it as a young driver and thats with my parents on the insurance too….
    I found myself searching for my oyster card again…I beleive an anual pass would be cheaper on the underground than the insurance.

  3. John

    Ok I was looking at quotes online this evening. I am 24 years old and work for the police so I am not exactly what one would call reckless. Anyway I am looking at taking my test in January of next year and a colleague offered to sell me his partners car she is wanting rid of for something more “exciting”. It’s a 2003 reg 206 1.1l petrol so not exactly a race car. Based on me having a full DL for under a year (so when I have just passed) the cheapest quote I got back was in the region of £2700 – £3600….. in despair I attempted to try a quote on something smaller… in this case a 1993 1.1l Ford Fiesta…. the result? £2400 – £2900…

    Considering the car I was considering is worth the best part of £300 – £500 I would be paying over £24oo a year on the “best” quote!!!!

    How anybody can even begin to justify the most blatent attempt at daylight robbery is quite frankly beyond me. In response to the previous person who said he/she works in insurance you of all people should know that companies charge rediculous prices because many young people do not have the choice and for many reasons need their own form of transport on a daily basis. Because of this you rub your hands together knowing you can charge stupid prices and good honest young people will spend their hard earned cash that could be better spent on uni fees on filling your bulging wallets…

    I am sorry but it disgusts me. I would pay the value of my car maybe slightly more as a new driver in a respectable job hurtling into my mid 20’s but I can’t see how it is far to charge somebody in my circumstances a huge chunk of my annual wages to insure something worth about the price of a bloody washing machine…

  4. When I moved to London from Kent my first year insurance (I was 22 at the time) went up by £200 on an £800 premium for the remaining 6 months. Assuming this would have made a full year £1,200 that apparently means moving to London meant I was 33% more likely to cause an accident or have my car burnt down. Nice to know.

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