We go up the hill in an MX-5 Superlight at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed boasted plenty to make it memorable for the 150,000 people who basked in the sun to a soundtrack of revving engines and squealing tyres.

But it was more memorable than usual for me thanks to a passenger ride in the Mazda MX-5 Superlight  concept.

It was my first-ever hill ascent at Goodwood and the opportunity to break my duck in the windscreen-less, stripped-back celebration of the iconic two-seater made it extra special.

The Superlight shares much with the regular road car, right down to the 1.8 MZR engine, but tips the scales at just under 1000kg thanks to a no-frills approach, which means hill-parking this prototype comes with the responsibility of popping a chock behind a wheel to make sure it doesn’t roll away.

It attracted stacks of attention, even in a line-up which included Lewis Hamilton aboard the MP4-12C supercar, a chrome Bugatti Veyron and the GT by Citroen with motor racing legend John Surtees taking a particularly long, admiring look as he waited for his own ascent.

The climb itself was thrilling. Auto Express road tester and racing driver Owen Mildenhall was at the wheel allowing me to drink in the crowds,  the noise and the feeling of the wind not only in my hair, but right in my face.

Should Mazda decide to produce the limited edition of the Superlight that is rumoured the cars will instantly become sought-after collectors’ pieces.

Adrian Higgins, web editor



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2 responses to “We go up the hill in an MX-5 Superlight at Goodwood Festival of Speed

  1. this website is very great and nice

  2. With so many people posting about Goodwood Festival of Speed…… i think the festival would be the heaven for the car lovers…… i wish i could be there to see such a beautiful cars together and wish i could ride them few……
    MX-5 Superlight seems gr8 with a roller costar like design…… nice one……..

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