Noise is the spark to make electric cars safer

Cars passing silently might be the sci-fi fantasy, but in reality it makes them a genuine hazard for pedestrians and cyclists.

According to The Times, the European Commission is considering how much of a danger these silent vehicles are and hopes to have a clear idea by 2012.

Warwick University will begin testing sounds this month. Warwick’s Paul Jennings said: “We will have a week with music and weeks with natural sounds, engine noise and also with engine sounds.

“We need to find noises which alert people to the approaching vehicle without causing the annoyance people already feel when they hear the bleeping sounds of reversing trucks.”

So, the prospect of a Nissan Leaf with a thundering V12 soundtrack, or a G-Wiz sounding like a Star Wars podracer could become a reality.

What sounds would you like to hear?

Stuart Milne



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3 responses to “Noise is the spark to make electric cars safer

  1. Just stick a card in the wheel like you do on you bmx and it will solve the problem

  2. Fabulous information but it makes me wonder, is it really that a silent vehicle is hazard?

  3. richard

    The autotrader site used to be very fast and agile.Now you have so much flash advertising on every page your pages are very slow to load.
    As a former trade advertiser for many years I have found your company to have become greedy. Where as you used to be a company advertising cars for car buyers you now have so much going on on your pages that the buyer is now surely distracted by the hoards of adverts for phone and loan companies etc.

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