Billboard wars: BMW vs Audi

BMW vs Audi

BMW vs Audi

It seems the advertising battle between arch-rivals Audi and BMW is well and truly back on.

BMW has placed a huge advert for its new 5 Series on a billboard directly above the largest Audi dealership in Hong Kong.

What do you think? Is it funny or have things just got very ugly?

By Rhian Angharad Jones

BMW vs Audi big

Check out Audi’s ‘Friendly Competition’ advert:



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5 responses to “Billboard wars: BMW vs Audi

  1. BMW 520d Diesel Engine

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  2. Raj

    Both great car but still thin BMW has the edge over Audi

  3. Both the Audi and BMW are the best don’t compare them. They both are doing fantastic job in their field.

    As coin has two side they both has advantages & disadvantages.

    So don’t think about it.

  4. I think its a funny thing and people should not take it to serious

  5. I think that’s a very unprofessional way of doing business. It people who will start talking bad things about BMW, and then obviously the result will be poor margin profit because of the “unprofessional way” of marketing their cars.

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