Chinese ‘Leaf’ concept claims ‘negative emissions’

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) has unveiled its new ‘Ye Zi’ concept – which literally translates as ‘leaf’ – ahead of next week’s Beijing Auto Show.

The strangely familiar car name was reportedly chosen because this new concept actually gathers energy from the world around it, in the same way as a plant. To labour the point slightly, the vehicle is also shaped like a leaf.

But the big news is SAIC claims that its newest model is not just zero-emission but ‘negative emission’. Just like the car industry’s version of celery.

The giant leaf roof is made up of something called photovoltaic units – which adjust position to follow the sun – whilst the wheel-mounted blades double-up as mini wind generators.

It also has a metal-organic frame which can imitate photosynthesis, absorbing CO2 and water to generate an electric current and oxygen.

Clever science people, is this even possible?

By Rhian Angharad Jones



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3 responses to “Chinese ‘Leaf’ concept claims ‘negative emissions’

  1. Everything is possible on earth with the “small eyes people”. Ye Zi (the Leaf) is about to become the world’s first carbon negative car concept.

  2. shaun

    harry….you are a misguided wee conspiratorial dufuse….go back to blissful ignorance

    car makers make the cars, oil “barons” make the fuel..

    the reason it will never hit the market, is due to the fact that its a “CONCEPT”…geddit…like the word fantasy…
    (clue…your car would require a solar panel the size 20 meters x 20 meters, just to make it run 1/2 decent)

  3. The oil barons will never let this hit the free market

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