Mini E Race laps the Nurburgring

Mini E Race

Mini E Race

A tweaked version of Mini’s electric car, called the Mini E Race, has lapped the Nurburgring Nordschleife in 9:51.45 minutes.

In doing so, the BMW Group has become the first manufacturer to lap the infamous circuit with an electric car at race speed.

On the longest straight the Mini hit a top speed of 116mph, even though its electric motor, single-gear ratio and 5,088 batteries are the same as those found in the Mini E road car.

Big changes were made to make the body lightweight, and there’s a full roll cage and racing-spec suspension, brakes and tyres.

Of course the driver helps too, BMW choosing DTM racing driver Thomas Jager to complete the high-speed lap.

Andy Goodwin, senior web journalist

Mini E Race Car

Mini E Race Car


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One response to “Mini E Race laps the Nurburgring

  1. That’s awesome. Been following the progress of the Mini E for a while now and it looks like there’s some promising development going on. Can’t wait for the trial to be extended beyond the South East or even better for the car to hit mass production!

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