The UK’s speed camera hotspots

New research has revealed the top three areas for speeding convictions.

Do you live near a speed camera hotpot? Here’s the full list:
1.    East Dunbartonshire, Scotland
2.    Swindon
3.    Sheffield

Over half of all speeding convictions in East Dunbartonshire belong to male drivers aged between 17 and 21.

What’s more interesting is the fact that Swindon Borough Council switched off all its fixed speed cameras in July 2009.

Does this mean drivers who live in Swindon are being caught elsewhere, on their daily commute? Or perhaps the hotspots from are based on 2008 figures.

Do you live near a speed camera hotspot? Do you think all speed cameras should be banned?

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Dominic Sacco



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2 responses to “The UK’s speed camera hotspots

  1. Every thing you need to know to avoid paying a speeding ticket is right here on this website!

  2. toonbear

    We have 4 speed cameras in a 2 mile stretch.1 is on a crossroads, to stop? light jumpers? 2 along the road frequented by over paid football stars( going towards a motorway) 1 outside an industrial area also on the path of football stars.It does not stop some football fools pranging their cars as they race away from training.

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