Mercedes respond to ‘frozen Britain’

Mercedes supply winter tyres

We can only assume the top bods at Mercedes UK have seen just as many stranded cars littering the nation’s roads as we have.

Flailing around in the snow, wheels spinning to oblivion, cars on summer rubber are hard to drive in snow and ice if you’re an expert – and next to useless for anyone else.

In colder climates it’s common – and often a legal requirement – to fit winter tyres in preparation for the dark months: but not in Blighty.

Even snow chains seem to be out of fashion with motorists.

So thank you Mercedes for realising there’s a problem and offering winter tyres at its dealerships for its entire model range.

Some 650 tyre and wheel combinations will be available with prices starting from £75 plus VAT and fitting for a Mercedes A-Class and £120 plus VAT and fitting for its popular C-Class saloon.

With a softer compound comprising more natural rubber, deeper grooves and a different tread pattern they give more bite in the snow.

And it doesn’t have to be a whiteout for you to benefit; as soon as the temperature dips below seven degrees there is significantly more grip on wet and dry roads.

On an icy road your car’s stopping distance at 20mph can be improved by the length of a bus.

Do you think your dealership should offer a winter alternative? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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