Should car makers get cash bail-outs?

Hundreds of US citizens protested against the £50 billion bail-out of the American car industry today.

Demonstrators outside the Detroit Motor Show are against the cash injections given to GM and Chrysler. But is it fair for car makers to receive large bail-outs?

High street retailer Woolworths and home furniture chain MFI went into liquidation last year as the credit crunch striked.

Investment bank Lehman Bros also filed for bankruptcy, leaving hundreds of workers jobless.

These businesses received little or no help from the government – yet some car makers have.

And it’s likely the UK government and Vauxhall will agree on a £360m loan deal later this month, to guarantee the future of Vauxhall for years.

Protestors in the US are so angry so much was given to GM as part of a government bail-out. They also rallied against the $10 billion spent on the show.

Do you think car makers should get cash bail-outs? Have your say in the comments box below.

Dominic Sacco



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3 responses to “Should car makers get cash bail-outs?

  1. Неплохо, но могли сделать и лучше

  2. I think every industry is entitled with some help from the government…

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