Surprise debut for Ford Focus

2011 Ford Focus

News of an all-new global Ford Focus spiked interest in the North American International Motor Show in Detroit this morning.

With a bold new nose and Fiesta-like tail it’s certainly a looker. The pictures confirm it will have a fantastic interior too.

Featuring a cockpit dashboard design and large touch-screen display, it’s both more driver-orientated and technically advanced than before.

Ford claims quality and refinement have taken a leap forwards too.

Expect a similar model line-up to the current Focus, but with a greater emphasis on smaller turbocharged petrol engines packing the same punch – but fewer emissions – than traditional petrol motors.

The American motor show often premieres cars of limited interest to the UK, but Ford’s most important car since the turn of the century has got our undivided attention.



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3 responses to “Surprise debut for Ford Focus

  1. Steve

    Kia Ceed, Astra,

  2. Surendra Sitarahmanchandrabose

    Quite a handsome car I think.

    Ford definitely needed to update the Focus and although this new one looks a little bland, it does have to appeal to thousands.

    Front looks muscular, but rear end looks too much like a pumped-up Fiesta. Probably needed a stronger ‘Focus’ identity.

    Looks a lot like the new Vauxhall Astra too, in my eyes at least.

  3. jimjam

    What have Ford done? Those rear lights look awful! The new design doesn’t get my thumbs up. The front grill looks too big for the front of the car, and look silly being split either side of the number plate.
    The front of the car may look sleek but it doesn’t look solid to me.
    I am also not sure what Ford was thinking about when they used those wheels either. Way too big, and would be an optional extra I wouldn’t fork out for…
    It may look very different in the flesh (hopefully), but the pictures do not flatter Fords most important new model.

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