Meet the Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe



Renault seems to have caused uproar in its home country with its new electric car – the Zoe.

It appears naming the Renault ‘Zoe’ has gone down as well in France as if they’d marketed it as the Renault Thierry in Ireland.

This is because Zoe is one of France’s most popular female names with many French parents now believing their child is going to be ridiculed for sharing the same name as a car.

As a result various petitions have been set up by angry parents.

One grumpy parent, Rebecca225, said: “I am shocked. It is completely wrong that Renault should take the name of a woman — of my daughter — for a car, a marketing product”.

There were always going to be complaints but fortunately for mums and dads the Renault Zoe is a French, electric supermini.

This means the Zoe is most likely going to be cute, cool and clean – and that’s not a bad thing to be associated with.

Just be thankful your daughter doesn’t share her name with a gas-guzzling motor driven by inconsiderate middle-lane hoggers.



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2 responses to “Meet the Renault Zoe

  1. ken

    Brought new fiesta zetec sport, after one month and 1200 miles gearbox linkage broke, car now in fords awaiting parts for two weeks, now told could be four weeks, they do not know.
    When they build a new car, im sure they are meant to have enough parts to build a new one.

    Motto: do not buy new fiesta, there are no parts available.

  2. Amanda

    I’m sure if a parent decided to name their child, dog, or even fish Zoe you wouldn’t have other parents of a child named Zoe protesting or demanding that they change the name or to choose another one. It’s not like any parent or anyone owns the name Zoe… those parents should find something else to do with their apparent abundance of free time.

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