Weird celebrity cars

We’ve just found 2006 Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton’s old Alpina B10 (above) for sale on our site.

Now, far from casting judgement on celebrities, I can’t help but think that Chantelle’s choice of car is a little…odd.

Don’t get me wrong – I think Alpina-tuned Beemers are seriously cool motors, and while they don’t offer the all-out grunt of an M car (which I would rather have), they do offer something a little leftfield to the standard BMW range.

But, to me at least, Alpinas are bought and driven by the kind of people who want something a little more discreet. Yes, I get the fact that Alpinas come with blinged-up rims and bodykits, but it’s all very subtle styling.

And for a professional – yes, professional – Paris Hilton lookalike and wannabe topless model, we just think she chose the wrong car. Maybe a Bentley Continental GT like Stephen Ireland’s missus?

Anyway, it’s not the first unusual celebrity motor. Man Utd footballer Gary Neville was spotted in a Toyota Prius, Eric Clapton used to own a Porsche Cayenne Turbo (surely he should drive a Roller?), and Michael Schumacher confessed he loved driving a Fiat Croma. Urgh.

What kinds of cars should celebrities drive?

Vijay Pattni.


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