Do you love your ‘Beast’?


Jeremy Clarkson and Eric Bana


Hollywood A-lister and petrolhead Eric Bana has just released his new DVD documentary Love the Beast.

It follows his trials as he rebuilds his beloved 1974 Ford Falcon coupe into a racing car – and the heartache and joy which inevitably follow.

Thing is, Bana was born a petrolhead who just happens to be an actor. He’s owned this Falcon his entire life and decided such a significant part of his life deserved some screen time.

And we totally understand – if we still owned our first cars we’d be compelled to do a documentary too.

This is the crux of being a petrolhead in our eyes. You have to totally love your car; every nuance, every time it breaks, works, hiccups, stalls, overheats, whines, depreciates…when you love your car so much it takes on a personality, you can count yourself a true petrolhead.

So have you had any life-changing motors like these?

We’ve certainly had our fair share – tell us about yours.

Vijay Pattni.




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