Absolute power corrupts absolutely


The Arash AF-10

Surely cars can’t get any more powerful?

British carmaker Arash Farboud has just unveiled details of the long-awaited Enzo-like supercar: the Arash AF-10.

A lightweight racing car made good for the road, it is a sublimely styled, monstrously powerful supercar which – if it’s as good in real life as on paper – should put shivers up the spines of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin…and any other supercar maker on earth.

The ‘base’ model is powered by a 7-litre Corvette V8 producing 550bhp, which is perfectly acceptable.

But Arash told us he was working on a twin-supercharged V8 which should produce over 1,200bhp.

Surely, that’s just too much?

The Bugatti Veyron was nearly laughed out of Wolfsburg when VW announced it wanted to build a 1,000bhp motor – but thanks to ruthlessly efficient engineering and a stack of cash, it’s the most driveable 1,000bhp+ motor on earth.

Sure – there are others, and we don’t doubt for a second Arash’s ability. But does the world really need another 1,200bhp supercar?

Vijay Pattni.





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