Would you spend £616,000 on a rare Mercedes?

Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster

We’ve just been to the annual Automobiles of London auction in Battersea’s cool Evolution Centre.

And quite frankly, came back astonished.

Sure, this year’s auction was a more sombre affair, which didn’t feature a £2.5 million McLaren or an F1 puppet-masters’ ‘garage sale’ – but the metal on display did not disappoint.

Like the super-rare Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Roadster which sold for £616,000.

One of just 25 CLK GTR racers built – and the only right-hand-drive one in existence – the CLK GTR is a stunning bit of kit.

A 6.9-litre V12 engine developing 612bhp and more muscle than Jordan’s beau makes for one mighty Merc. So the organisers found another one to ramp up the drama.

But we’ve found a slight problem in a car such as this. It’s so rare you’d be scared to ever drive it, which kind of defeats the object of buying an automobile. And we wouldn’t want to spend £616,000 on a stupidly fast Merc only to stare at it longingly, day after day.

So obviously, it’s a collector’s item. But if you had the money, would you collect it? As petrolheads, we’d be very tempted to drive it to destruction and use it for what it was built for. But that’s just us…

Vijay Pattni.

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One response to “Would you spend £616,000 on a rare Mercedes?

  1. John Strachan

    Stunning Motor, the ideas on it’s usage or potential investment value are as diverse as the numbers in the price. The ‘finnishing’ touch, and legal to go on black stuff, Registration plate will be interesting, a dvla currant is going to look Naff: the apt and bril> 1 st , is still in circulation , ‘Mag1c’ may be abled to be prised off big ears’s Bentley, or Joan Collins’s, just so happens to be up for sale (cant see her joining the ‘sisters’ yet), Apt for the make, M3RCY may make the frame .

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