A great time to buy

Keith's snow-covered car

Cars are generally cheaper to buy in winter

This week we’ve published a number of reports publicising the fact it’s a great time to buy a car.

Firstly, the scrappage scheme has been extended by another 100,000 cars, so those of you who qualify can still get £2,000 for your old car.

We also highlighted the VAT rise which is set for January, and will add 2.5 per cent to the cost of new cars bought next year.

Last but not least, there is a chill in the air and the leaves are falling. But this is good news for savvy buyers.

Winter is a great time to find a good deal, as less people are inclined to buy as the nights draw in and dealers still need to hit their targets. Buying a convertible in December might feel odd, but it makes stellar financial sense.

Have you bought a car this month? Are you planning to buy this winter? Let us know how you got a good deal.

Andy Goodwin



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3 responses to “A great time to buy

  1. paul cardy

    I will stick with my old Audi’s, coupe quattro 20v, and two a4’s one a 2.6 with a genuine 34k and fsh one owner, the other an ex demo 1.8 so loaded with extras, modern German cars are’nt as well built and 2k for any of them is never going to get me to part with them especially the quattro the best kept secret in motoring.

  2. Great time to buy a new car?

    I really do not wish to sound like an estate agent – but the combination of deals on offer, the scrappage scheme and also the increase in used car values due to the lack of good retail stock ( cars aged 2-4 years old ) really means that now is a great time to buy a new or very late used car.


  3. not yet planned to buy car this year atleast but am thinking to get one next winter by selling my old car

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