Drama as speeding moped collides with car


There was drama in Wimbledon town centre today after a moped and Peugeot 306 were involved in a collision.

The biker was stretchered off into an ambulance while the car’s roof had to be cut off to safely remove the motorist.

But nobody was hurt – this was a demonstration by the police, fire brigade and ambulance service to illustrate the role of the emergency services in the event of an accident.

And it’s quite an eye-opener. If this was an actual accident then there would be getting on for 25 emergency services’ crew members on hand to sort the situation out. We’re talking six to ten police officers, four paramedics and 16 firefighters.

That’s a total of five police cars, ambulances and three fire engines – all because of speeding, and this was just a ‘minor’ accident.

And in the Borough of Merton where Wimbledon is located there were 431 recorded crashes last year – fortunately there were only two serious casualties. But as the police will say, two is still two too many.

It was a mad experience watching the firefighters breaking the windows and removing the roof – you’d expect smashes and sparks but it was really un-dramatic, the guys were consummate professionals.

And here’s a bit of pub ammo. When cutting the windscreen out, the glass is covered in shaving foam to prevent the glass fibres from spraying everywhere.

Adrian Hearn


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  1. Accidents caused by speeding cost a massive amount of money

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