Coulthard buys his own F1 trophies

coulthard I’ve just spent the day visiting the McLaren Technology Centre in Surrey for a tour of the complex.

You can read all about my experience at the MTC next week but one particular story got my attention when viewing McLaren’s extensive trophy collection.

When Lewis Hamilton wins an F1 race he doesn’t get to keep the trophy. McLaren see it as a victory, not just for the champ but for the 1,200 employees based at the Woking setup.

It’s always been this way so when David Coulthard asked to keep his trophy after winning the 2000 Monaco Grand Prix, Ron Dennis declined. So Coulthard asked if a replica could be made.

Dennis arranged for a replica and supplied it to Coulthard along with a €500 bill.

When Coulthard won a later grand prix he again asked for a replica to be made of which he’d happily foot the bill. Although this time, the vase was made by Tiffany so DC had a bit of a shock when he was handed the $18,000 invoice.

Adrian Hearn


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One response to “Coulthard buys his own F1 trophies

  1. Coulthard’s Monaco victory was well deserved and I’m sure he will be happy to keep that trophy. However, I’m not convinced he was that deserving of all his accolades – he was overshadowed by Hakkinen for much of his McLaren career.

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