When is expensive too expensive?

Vauxhall Corsa VXR 888 - complete with race drivers and Konnie Huq

Vauxhall Corsa VXR 888 - complete with race driver, Steve Jones and Konnie Huq

Last week we had a rather special Vauxhall Corsa in to test, which you’ll read about very soon.

It was the Corsa VXR – a little hot supermini with a big heart, and a averagely sized price tag of £17,195. That’s not far off a Focus ST with a few discounts, but with the Corsa you’re getting a good slice of rarity value.

Naturally you’ll want a few extras. Our test car came with lovely leather Recaros (yours for £995) and a dated, monochrome sat-nav and audio upgrade, but at £995, you’re better off with a TomTom.

Another £260 will get adaptive headlamps that ‘look’ round bends – money well spent to avoid hitting wildlife.

That took the bill to a breath under £19,500. And now we move onto the 888 tuning gear.

The 888 bits turn the Corsa VXR into a fire-spitting animal; there’s no doubt about it, but at £4,310 its the price of a 2002 Clio Renaultsport. The cost breaks down as £550 for a ECU remap (decent value), £220 for lowering springs (more VFM, although speed humps become a hassle), £560 for a snorty Remus exhaust (it’ll always put a smile on your face) and £1,380 for a set of 18s with sticky Toyo rubber.

What’s difficult for me to justify is the £1,600 brake kit. It pulls the car up in no time and offers good brake feel, but its just too much for the road. You’ll have the car behind in your boot for one thing.

As good as the Corsa VXR 888 is (it certainly entertained all who drove it), £24,000 for a Corsa is just too much. If I had to have the Corsa, it’d be fairly standard and parked next to a Clio 172, which would be striped out, used and abused on the nearest race track.

Find more about Vauxhall Corsa cars at Vauxhall Cars Information Center

Stuart Milne


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One response to “When is expensive too expensive?

  1. Roz

    I think you need to compare prices to what that money you could buy in terms or luxury cars. Why would you spend £20k on a Corsa, when you can get a second hand M3 for that kind of money!

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