This just in: Nissan 370Z


Nissan 370Z

Work has been so busy I wasn’t thinking too much about the Nissan 370Z arriving today. But now it’s here, and I can’t get it out of my head.

For a start it’s the first one I’ve seen in the metal, and it looks so much cooler in three dimensions than it does in two.

Secondly, ‘our’ car is finished in the best shade of blue paint I think I’ve ever seen on any car. I was expecting the Z to be silver, and I’m so glad it’s not.

Last of all, we’ve just been for a spin to take pictures of it while it’s still pristine, and it has made a very good first impression indeed.

The engine is smooth and powerful, and it howls like a vintage racer when you accelerate hard. It’s a real head-turner too.

Look out for our full review soon.

Own a 370Z or have a 350Z and thinking of trading in? Or, do you have any questions about the 370Z? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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One response to “This just in: Nissan 370Z

  1. Roz

    I love this car too- along with the RX8- but I cant justify buying one- I dont think its worth the money!

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