What was your first car?

Auto Trader's Adrian Hearn owned a Mk1 VW Golf as his first car

Auto Trader's Adrian Hearn owned a Mk1 VW Golf as his first car

Drivers are getting their first car at a younger age than ever before, it was revealed today.

How old were you when you bought yours and when did you buy it?

Over two thirds of those aged between 18 and 24 bought their first car in their teens, compared with only 28 per cent of drivers now aged 65 or over, according to an AA survey.

The majority of first cars are worth between £500 and £1,999, with men most likely to have paid under £500 for their first car.

The majority of first cars are more than seven years old, a quarter are over 15 years old and 37 per cent are less than six years old.

Great first cars under £1,000 | The best bargain student cars

Here’s what the Auto Trader editorial team first owned:

•    Adrian Higgins – Renault 14
•    Stuart Milne – Vauxhall Nova
•    Keith Collantine – Fiat Punto
•    May Starey – Austin Mini
•    Adrian Hearn – Mk1 Volkswagen Golf
•    Vijay Pattni – Vauxhall Calibra
•    Andrew Goodwin – Mahindra Indian Chief
•    Dominic Sacco – Mk3 Ford Fiesta

If you’re learning to drive, read our handy driving test tips – with expert advice from TV stars Tiff Needell and Jason Dawe.

To find out what celebrities first owned, read the stars’ first cars.

What was your first car? Do you have any fond memories of it?

Dominic Sacco



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10 responses to “What was your first car?

  1. Hi thouroughly enjoyed reading the article. Thought i’d convey my thanks!

  2. Steve

    Mini 850, it was simply brilliant then a Spitfire 1300 also good and after that a 1973 MGB GT, i kept it for 5 years and it broke down once in that time with a waterpump.
    Brilliant cars all of them, sadly for me i then had a great idea…..i bought an Alfasud, 3 years old and it needed the inner wings welding up due to rust.

  3. BenH

    renault 14 total disaster

  4. kcautotrader

    My first car was a Fiat Punto 55, which I got in 1999.

  5. Dave

    Ford Fiesta, mk 1

  6. Dan

    2002 Renault Clio 1.2 16v Dynamique!

  7. Davis

    Renault 19 1.8 GT(137 horsepowers) 🙂

  8. Paul

    1959 Morris Minor Convertible

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