McLaren MP4-12C – have your say


If you made something as gorgeous, desirable and mind-blowing as the McLaren F1, you’d not exactly be in a rush to replace it.

That’s why it has taken the Woking-based supercar geniuses 16 years to officially reveal their next offering.

The MP4-12C may not be the catchiest of names, but we think it’s the looks that are more likely to stick in your mind.

Prices are expected to be between £125,000 and £175,000, so it is going to be out of reach for most buyers, but would it make it into your dream garage should those Lottery numbers come up?

We’d certainly give it serious thought here at Auto Trader, but would you plump for this British beauty?

Or would your head by turned by the Ferrari 458 Italia, the Lamborghini Gallardo or the Porsche 911 Turbo?

Let us know what you think.

Tom Webster



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10 responses to “McLaren MP4-12C – have your say

  1. Is it me or does it just look wrong for a Mclaren? It dissapoints me….

  2. Lewis H


    Check the new SLS for how a supercar is supposed to look.


  3. HB

    Looks too much like the Tesla to me !!

  4. Lee

    It’s just your run of the mill supercar shape,nothing revolutionary.

  5. Dad

    It’s a Lotus Evora

  6. Brixton Stig

    As a die hard Mclaren Fan, I give this jaw droppingly Gorgeous motor Four thumbs up. (yes, I have!) I for one will put in an order soon as I Flog the missus.

  7. Duncan

    I do like it but the design seems to take to many design ques from other cars
    Even the rims- Like Lambo ones!

  8. Tom

    This design looks dated already – and a little cheap – and more what I’d expect from a US designer/manufacturer. For a car in the £125,000-175,000 bracket I’d expect more. Other cars in this bracket, like the new Gallardo and F458 offer beautiful, up-to-date (and compared to each other very different) styling AND the ultimate driving experience. Surely all supercars should deliver both? The unseen, i.e. the carbon MonoCell et al, are all very impressive but the MP4-12C lacks poster-appeal, one of the most important aspects of supercar conception.

  9. Adam

    It bares a strong distinction to the new lotus elise from the front?? Considering it took them 14 years to develop and design to be honest has as much road presence as a cucumber. The orginal and best F1, this does it no justice!!

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