Police breaking into cars: a good idea?


Police in Richmond are breaking into drivers’ unlocked cars as part of a new scheme to help reduce crime.

Officers are on the lookout for cars which are unlocked, have open windows or doors left ajar.

They remove any valuables from the car and leave a letter on the driver’s seat, which explains what happened and who they need to contact to retrieve their goods.

Valuables can be collected from the nearest police station and a ‘crime prevention’ note will be left with the driver or posted to their address.

Police are hoping the scheme will increase awareness of leaving vehicles unsecured and reduce a recent rise in car theft.

Do you think the scheme will be a success? What do you think about police breaking into people’s cars?

Has it happened to you?

Dominic Sacco



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28 responses to “Police breaking into cars: a good idea?

  1. Interesting blog. I agree there is no intention to “permanantly deprive”. Hence any sensible judge/magistrate would never consider taking any prosecution against the police. I also heard the police were going to enter unlocked houses and remove items as well

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