Brad Pitt is not Steve McQueen


Will the real Steve McQueen please stand up?

Brad Pitt is reportedly set to play the legendary Steve McQueen in a biopic of the world’s coolest petrolhead.

But while one of Hollywood’s biggest stars shares some qualities with the late Bullitt star, I can’t help but think he’s probably the wrong casting choice.

I like Brad Pitt and he’s definitely cool. But ‘McQueen’ cool? Not sure.

Plus, I don’t actually think he’s much of an actor either. But another screen icon immediately springs to mind when thinking about casting for McQueen – none other than Her Majesty’s finest secret agent, 007 star Daniel Craig.

Firstly, they look identical. Secondly, Daniel Craig can actually act, and evokes some proper old-school cool with refined charm and a not-too-arrogant swagger.

Thirdly, Craig has proved his wheel-man credentials by piloting the Aston Martin DBS – a car we’re sure Steve McQueen would approve of.

Just think – Craig, in a ‘Stang, hunting down baddies in a Dodge Charger. Very cool indeed.

What do you think?

Vijay Pattni.



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5 responses to “Brad Pitt is not Steve McQueen

  1. I think alicia keys is very pretty i am her biggest fan down in louisiana i’m biracial too my momma is white and my dad is black my mom is italian n german i dont know my dad but people tell me i have her eyes but she’s still my perfect model

  2. Brad Pitt’s movie filming in Oakland needs extras if anyone is interested in it!

  3. This is autotrader not Hello magazine

  4. Don’t believe the gossip saying Angelina gave Brad Pitt an ultimatum to get hitched by June. They really are a loving pair and anyone is able to believe that.

  5. Andrew

    I always thought the two look alike as well. I haven’t heard of this movie until now, but obviously Mcqueen would be better played by Daniel Craig. Also, Brad Pitt seems to be the choice for everything these days. I like him too, but Craig could definitely capture the same character that was Mcqueen. Good article.

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