The ultimate car park – £1.6m of Audi R8 V10

Just flown back from the launch of the Audi R8 V10; which is fantastic by the way.

Audi R8 V10 carpark

Audi R8 V10 carpark

Audi arranged for us to drop the cars off outside the airport – all 16 of the £100,000 supercars; and there’s no denying the impact of this multicoloured line-up.

And it wasn’t lost on the locals around the Spanish city of Granada either, with every passer by, on foot or in car, craning their necks for a closer look.

On the test route around rural Spain, our route took us through countless tiny villages, all packed with kids cheering us on. It was wonderful to see such a reception for a crowd-collecting car, rather than aggression and jealousy that’s so often the way.

But then again, the Audi R8 isn’t simply ‘just another’ supercar.

Stuart Milne

Audi ultimate car park

Audi's ultimate car park







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6 responses to “The ultimate car park – £1.6m of Audi R8 V10

  1. Its like a dream but they needed more colours

  2. Hey I landed on your page by chance on google while hunting for something really unrelated but I am really pleased that I did, You have just snagged yourself another subscriber. 🙂


    MY lovely r8;)))hihi wos great ;)cheers pozdro do Olsztyna;)przesyla Moniczka


    pozdro dla calej PLLLLL;))))

  5. That’s a really nice line up, great publicity too. But isn’t this wasted on a public that is very unlikely to be able to afford such a car? Wouldn’t it be better to do this sort of thing in a place like Edinburgh etc?

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