Budget 2009: What’s in store for drivers?


Higher car tax, extra fuel duty and a £2,000 new car ‘scrappage’ scheme are expected to feature in the 2009 Budget when it’s announced on April 22 at 12.30pm.

What are you expecting in this year’s Budget? And what would you like to see?

Auto Trader will bring you all the news on how Budget 2009 affects motorists as it’s announced.

The five main points of interest to drivers are likely to be:

1.    The £2,000 car ‘scrappage’ scheme

The government will consider allowing buyers to scrap their old car and receive £2,000 towards the cost of their next vehicle, in a bid to boost the new car industry.

Have your say on the scheme here.

2.    New car tax rates

The price of car tax has risen during the past few years – and motorists will expect a small price increase in April 2011.

Rates are likely to be reduced for cars with low CO2 emissions, and increased for the most polluting vehicles.

3.    Fuel duty rise

Following the 2p per litre rise in fuel duty on April 1, the Chancellor may announce another rise – or postpone it until later in the year.

4.    More electric cars

Britain could see an increase in the number of hybrid and electric cars on the road, as Gordon Brown plans to put more electric charging stations in key cities.

In an interview with the Independent, he said he wants to create 400,000 jobs in “green industries” over the next five years.

5.    Motorway widening

The Chancellor brought forward £3 billion worth of spending last year, kick-starting motorway widening schemes earlier than planned. Will he do the same in 2009?

What are your expectations for this year’s Budget?

Dominic Sacco



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3 responses to “Budget 2009: What’s in store for drivers?

  1. Hmmm interesting. I will finish checking this blog out later. I’m kind of in a hurry now. I like it.

  2. Price increases in fuel and cars are expected. Other long term plans are just that, and only time will tell whether they will be achieved or not.

  3. Brian Gilbert

    A government cannot bind its successors so a lot of it such as the 2011 grant for electric cars will not be for Mr Darling to say. He will probably be seeking work in Poland by then.

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