BMW X5M and X6M: Brilliant – but the wrong M cars?

No it’s not a belated April fool. In the middle of an economic meltdown BMW has decided now’s the time to reveal its first M-powered 4x4s with the X5M and X6M.


With 555bhp, these super-SUVs are ridiculously powerful and with a 0-62mph time of 4.7 seconds they are also very quick.

Carbon dioxide emissions of 320g/km are nearly three-times as much as a BMW 116d and an average fuel consumption of 20.5mpg is a third of the  baby Beemer.

On the face of it, the BMW X5M and X6M are monstrosities – completely pointless cars unveiled at the worst possible time.

It’s hard not to love cars that will accelerate from 0-62mph in the same time as the BMW M5 and quicker than the BMW M3.

But I’m not so sure about them.

Forget about their political incorrectness for a moment and think of this – should BMW’s M Division have got involved with 4x4s in the first place?

It’s more than likely these cars will handle superbly considering the competence of the standard BMW X6. But many will think it’s the step in the wrong direction.

Hot BMW 1-Series concept – the M1? - News image

While I really like the idea of an off-roader that can out-gun an Audi R8 over a short distance I was hoping BMW would get its Motorsport Division involved with the 1 Series.

The 135i M Sport is a fiendishly quick car but I wanted to see a 1M (obviously BMW couldn’t call it the M1 due to the Seventies icon with the same name).

BMW displayed a 1 Series tii concept at the Tokyo Motor Show, but seems to have gone off the idea.

So what do you think? Has BMW got it spot on with building these two bruisers or should the Munich masters have focussed on building a baby M car like the tii.

Adrian Hearn



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5 responses to “BMW X5M and X6M: Brilliant – but the wrong M cars?

  1. That BMW X6 is really one fast car having a 555 horsepower. I’ve bet that it has a monstrous engine, complex and high-tech chips in order to reach that kind of speed in a matter of minutes. I hope I could test drive this car someday.

  2. Nick

    Neither the recession nor the price of fuel matters if you’re a rich Arab. I suspect that’s the target market.

  3. italianopinionist

    Will a small italian car with a noble past save the car market future? The car of the future is smaller.

    In my opinion, and I wish to be wrong, there won’t still be big jolts for many years. In the short term I can believe in the FIAT 500, in the Tata Nano and the hybrid autogas LPG engines. But I think I’ll have to stand the awful Milan traffic some more, and surely sitting on my Diesel or Gasoline car rather than on a cougar… ops, I beg your pardon, a puma.

  4. Abdurrahman

    Fantastic machines, but I reckon if the same engine goes into the M3 then BMW has really done it. The M3 is much, much, much, lighter and with 555BHP it can really challenge the Audi R8 and of course the Porsche 911 turbo. On top of all that with BMW’s efficient dynamics program it can esaily give much better fuel economy.

    At the moment the M3 is not much different than the super SUVs with a compined MPG of almost 23 MPG and the SUVs about 20. But put the SUV engine inside the much lighter M3 and you can easily get class leading fuel economy better than the current M3.

    However, having said that can the M3 bodyshell take so much power??? Perhaps this is a question for the BMW bosses to reflect upon.

  5. James

    Good for BMW, they’ve clearly done the feasibility stuff and realised there’s a market for these mad M cars.

    I’d have the X6M over the X5M though.

    However, I’d probably have a white 1M Coupe over both – the reason they don’t make it is because it would steal M3 customers!

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