New Mazda 3 – first drive

New Mazda 3

New Mazda 3

I’ve just driven the new Mazda 3, and it’s a country mile ahead of the old car.

It feels wonderfully solid, and the 185bhp 2.2-litre diesel has deeply impressive pulling power.

It looks pretty good too, but the most surprising thing is the refinement – it’s like driving a luxury car in miniature!

The last model proved extremely popular, but never really grabbing the mass car buying market’s attention.

The pictures point to a new face for the Ford Focus rival, and will be available in 15 different versions, including a pair of punchy 2.2-litre diesels.

Performance junkies will be served by a hot MPS model, which should hopefully offer the levels of driver involvement lacking from the current car.

The range will also feature the now-essential sub-120g/km model, and some models are made greener by a fuel-saving start/stop system.

But the most important thing is the car delivers on the open road. Keep an eye on Auto Trader for our full review soon.

Stuart Milne

Used Mazda 3 Car Review



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2 responses to “New Mazda 3 – first drive

  1. Kris Cocozza

    The new Mazda 3 definately looks promising. Alot of positive changes. I’m hoping Mazda have sorted out the chassis and steering issues with the MPS. If so, they’re definately onto a winner. Go get them Mazda.

  2. Darren Biddle

    I think this car looks good with its wavy cat eye looking lights. i think its a winner

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