Could Mini make caravanning cool?

I’ve a love/hate relationship with caravanning.


Mini Airstream

Mini Airstream

When Top Gear tears caravans and their owners to pieces, I like thousands of others, laugh. But for me its hollow humour.

Many childhood summers were spend in one around the country on family holidays, but since passing my test, I’ve found out what a pain they are. And for someone in the twilight of their twentysomethings like me, they are deeply uncool.

Or are they?

There’s something great about Airstream. It makes aerodynamic caravans which look more like spaceships which appeal to the child in me. You’d expect a circle of these things to be permanently stationed at Roswell; America’s UFO-central.


Mini Airstream

Mini Airstream

Mini Airstream

Mini Airstream

Mini Airstream

Mini Airstream

Now Mini has created a one-off Mini Cooper S Clubman and Airstream caravan designed by über-cool furniture designer Republic of Fritz Hansen.

Check out the pictures and tell me that this isn’t one funky caravan.

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Stuart Milne



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3 responses to “Could Mini make caravanning cool?

  1. Looks really cool. Really like the airstream. Why dont you visit my Caravan Forum and tell us more about it?

  2. I really like the retro american look of the caravan. Not sure about the mini though, is that a surf board on the top or what??

  3. This caravan is funky as hell i love it, and considering i don’t like the normal mini i’m quite surprised that i like this clubman!

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