Just in from Rome: Suzuki Alto driven

Our man Adrian Hearn is out in Rome test-driving the new Suzuki Alto city car.

And this is his first verdict on the Japanese model.

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto

There’s a lot of hype at the moment around diesel and hybrid engines with the emphasis on low emissions and high fuel economy, but three-cylinder petrol engines shouldn’t be forgotten about.

They make a great little sound, are nippy to 30mph, have low emissions, high fuel economy and, most importantly, are cheap.

I’m driving the new Suzuki Alto in Rome at the moment and it’s really impressed me. For a shade over £7,200 I’ve got air-conditioning, electric windows and side airbags – all coupled in with a cute design and room in the back for two.

The 1-litre engine will sit comfortably at 70mph, average 64.2mpg and cost £35 a year to tax courtesy of carbon dioxide emissions of just 103g/km

Yes, a diesel will probably manage more miles to the gallon but remember this – you’ll pay a lot more in the first instance and diesel is 10p-a-litre more expensive than unleaded. So you’ll really need to rack up the miles to justify the extra expense.

The Alto is cool, but I think I’d opt for it in a different colour…

You can read Adrian’s review of the Suzuki Alto tomorrow.



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4 responses to “Just in from Rome: Suzuki Alto driven

  1. Suzuki’s quality will have to improve immensely if it wants to compete. Now second last to Range Rover, below Kia. Some company to be in.

    • Alan Wilson

      I recently test drove this car, and found it to be immensly fun and comfortable!!

      Euro ncap has came back as a 3 which is unfortunate as its the only fault I can find with this car.

      I am buying one of these next may when i can afford to!!!!

      • joe manco

        Matey find someone with an old scrapper, that they’ve owned for a year, wheel them down to a suzuki showroom get them to buy one on the scrappage scheme and then bung them a few quid and you’ll be sitting pretty in the best small economy car there is for 4795 quid. Nice one Gordon.

      • Alan Wilson

        Its not that simply my friend lol!
        The gove scrappage car has to be 10 years old and with a valid MOT.
        Plus you have to own it for at least a year!!!

        Alas, my current car is 2001 but i doubt scrappage scheme will still exist in 2 more years

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