Geneva 2009 wallpapers

Bentley Continental GTC Speed

Bentley Continental GTC Speed

Here’s our first batch of high resolution wallpapers from the Geneva Motor Show.

Download the pictures below by clicking on each one to enlarge it. If there’s a car at Geneva you particularly want to see a picture of, leave a comment below.



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3 responses to “Geneva 2009 wallpapers

  1. Martin White

    Hello and thank you for this article, there are some very good wallpapers listed there. I will certainly be visiting this blog regularly 🙂

    If you don’t mind, then I would also add one article, which contains many great websites and a little guide about how to choose the most suitable wallpapers for your computer.

    Thank you and here is the article:

  2. Imran

    Got to agree with you. Too many traders still act like crooks. Motocars in Newbury sold me a Toyota with 69000 miles on the clock. I have spent £1600 on gearbox renewal and the engineer says that no way is the mileage true. Avoid these Japanese import specialists – history is impossible to check.

  3. Blaby trade centre were rude. I am telling everybody and people I know because the guy is rude. He hung up on my sister when we were asking him questions about a car he has for sale on auto trader. I need a renault magane 2005 to date model. If anyone wants to comment or recommend somewhere which is good I will appreciate it. In this climate, I’m hoping that people who are selling would be a lot nicer. My hard earn cash wants to spend on a car from a nice person.

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