Ford Ka: Rate it on the Auto Trader Cool-o-meter

Ford Ka 2009

Ford Ka 2009

The cute-as-a-kitten Ford Ka had a cameo in the last James Bond film “Quantum of Solace”. But how cool is the successor to the original Ka?

Ford offers a selection of vibrant designs for the Ka, dubbed “Grand Prix”, “Tattoo” and “Digital Art” – the latter in a challenging black and lime green colour scheme. Instant street cred or resale nightmare? Cast your vote below:

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Check out high resolution pictures of the Ford Ka below.

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41 responses to “Ford Ka: Rate it on the Auto Trader Cool-o-meter

  1. the side window on yhe drivers side keeps jamming as the rubber bends into the glass. I have had it “fixed” twice but as soon as the sun shines on the drivers side the same problem occurs. I will be going back again to hang around for a few hours while they fix it””””””. does anyone else has this problem?

  2. I have an o9 new Ka had it 6months when blades crashed once bad enough second time in the middle of the Forth Road bridge in a horendous storm, terrified!. Dealer said it was a design fault they repositioned the blades.
    Next I was nearly poisoned with fumes as a crack
    was found in a pipe into the the air vents this took two weeks. Next it was my window washers which had to be replaced.Another week in the garage.
    Next it was my rear lights casing full of condensation, then a wiring problem had to be fixed. My next non urgent problem is when it is warm outside my window won’t go down as it gets stuck in the rubber which is to close to the window,and my boot won’t close properly, I have to slam it two or three times before it closes and i feel the key is going to snap one of these days trying to open it.
    Everytime I see someone with a new Ka I feel like
    going up to them and say “Take it back”.

  3. tocmol

    A great little car for running around town. It is ideal as a first car for those shorter journeys. It sounds girly but its one of those cars that just has to have its own pet name!

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