Alfa Romeo Mito: Rate it on the Auto Trader Cool-o-meter

Alfa Romeo Mito (click to enlarge)

Alfa Romeo Mito (click to enlarge)

Auto Trader has driven the Alfa Romeo Mito for the first time. You can read Stuart Milne’s review of the stylish supermini here – but we want to know what you think of the Mito.

See below for more pictures of the Alfa Romeo Mito.

What car do you want to see on the Auto Trader cool-o-meter next? What do you think of the Alfa Romeo Mito? Leave a comment below.



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6 responses to “Alfa Romeo Mito: Rate it on the Auto Trader Cool-o-meter

  1. Pablo

    My wife has had a Turismo for a month – black with the free alloys and she absolutely loves it (and so do I!). It draws admiring glances and lots of attention wherever we go. After a number of new cars over the past 20 years, this is the first one she has felt passionate about.

  2. rimell

    the mito is a hot little car but becomes pointless as long as we have the fiat 500 abarth.

  3. Not sure if im fond of the exterior design of the car. However the inside looks really appealing

  4. My wife and I both drove a 155bhp Mito Veloce on Sunday & loved it. My wife will most probably be ordering one, Mini dealers: you need to start looking over your shoulders and start increasing your discounts.

  5. Tim

    Had one of these for a few days in Italy a couple of weeks ago as a hire car. Wasn’t convinced on some parts of the styling at first, but started falling in love with it as the week progressed. Great to drive too!!

  6. why dosen’t the stig show his face because I bet there’s alot of women and girls waiting to see what you look like . then we can see if your ugly or handsome . but I guess we’ll never know .

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