Do you fancy Jeremy Clarkson?

secret stud

Jeremy Clarkson: secret stud

Jeremy Clarkson has won Heat magazine’s 2008 “Weird Crush of the Year” award.

It’s the third year in a row the award has been scooped by a Top Gear presenter: Richard Hammond claimed the prize in 2006 and James May took the gong last year.

So where are all these covert Clarkson-fanciers hiding? Here’s how Auto Trader staff rated the Top Gear trio.

May told us she was no fan of Clarkson’s style:

I can’t stand him at all – he’s bombastic, pompous and really immature. And his dress sense is terrible.

I think he’s very funny though – I find myself laughing at him despite myself.

Appropriately, May preferred her namesake – James May:

He’s more unassuming and gentle and, like me, he’s got a taste for classic old cars.

Caroline had some sympathy for ‘captain slow’ as well:

I feel sorry for him having to put up with the other two all the time. But not enough to fancy him!

Jaclyn, meanwhile, confessed to having the hots for Hammond:

Richard Hammond is so cute! They should have him on more. I liked him better with shorter hair though.

Samantha was less taken with the Hamster:

He looks like he’s put his finger in an electrical socket!

Why do you think the Top Gear stars come out on top in the ‘Weird crush’ awards? Do you fancy any of them?

And will the Stig win in 2009?



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9 responses to “Do you fancy Jeremy Clarkson?

  1. Laney

    I think you can sign up me up with the ‘pervy Clarkson fanciers’… While he may be much older than me (I’m 27), I still fancy the idea of shagging him to bits! Phwoar!

    He’s so incredibly cool! He’s a git, he’s an arse, he HAS a nice arse, ummm wait… what was I saying… I got distracted thinking about Jezza’s bum!

    All in all, Jezza is a goddamn legend and I LOVE HIM!

  2. Somebody in Aus.

    I must admit, I have only seen Top Gear recently on dvd (US special and the challenges) only because a mate of mine had shown me, and by the end of it all (of which I thoroughly enjoyed), I had developed a crush on yes like some women, I do fancy JC 😀 and it kinda sickens me that I’m probably younger (if not the youngest) than the majority that do.

    • that person

      hello somebody in Aus. I am sure I am younger than you – All i am saying is i am under 14 years of age – and am sitting in a messy room on my unmade bed with a topgear mag , a stig easter egg that I will not eat and a page of pictures of Jeremy Clarkson that I hide under my pillow so my 17 year old brother doesnt see it. He’d be laughing about it for months if he did. All my friends @ school say i’m weird and even I won’t deny that I am. Ive had a crush on Jeremy for 3 years and do think James is cool too.I have taken to Jeremy alot of late (something my teacher would do anything to hear me say , the nosey pain) and keep on texting my best freind about how much I like him (I bet she’s fed up with me talking about him, but look who’s calling who weird , the only crush she’s ever had was on her nans dog , and she’s obssesed with spongebob – no offence Bethany =] ) my brother says I have to get better friends. All cards on the table , i am (I love saying this) a ‘ PERVY CLARKSON FANCIER’ – I get chills every time i say that. I sing about him in the shower! Damn it , the more i look at him , the fitter he looks.

  3. Lyndsey

    I’ve always thought Jeremy was sexy, I’ve been saying it for a few years now, much to the disgust of many of my friends. Now who’s laughing?

    James May is a bit of a dish as well.

    I’m 22 and proud of my “weird” crushes!!

  4. Hope

    Love Jeremy Clarkson and there is nothing weird about my crush

  5. Lizzie

    James May leaves me weak at the knees. If I were Victorian I’d swoon every time I saw him on the TV. He is simply a sex god in his own right. And Jeremy’s not so bad either for a bloke approaching 50 with a bad back and dodgy hips…

  6. Ann

    Jeremy deserves to win. While Richard is a pocket-sized sex god, and James makes me want to do naughty things to him with potato salad, it takes a special kind of girl to fancy Clarkson.

    Mind you, he has some very sexy moments of his own.

    And yes, the Stig will win next year. The campaign has already started.

  7. Heidi

    While I’m not one of them, I know that there are women who do fancy him. In the TopGear fan forum I’m a member of, we call them the ‘pervy Clarkson fanciers’.

  8. Random

    No, I’m afraid I don’t, but I found the hat-trick idea too good to resist… as did a lot of female TopGear fans, the lads from a couple of popular motoring forums, and a bunch of my friends who think Heat deserve to be messed with for being so shallow.
    As for Stig… well, he’s as mysteriously romantic as the milk-tray man, and who’d choose cheap chocs over a spin round the track? The campaign has already begun. We’ve even got a little poster…

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