Has the credit crunch affected your driving?

Has the credit crunch affected your driving?

Has the credit crunch affected your driving?

As the credit crisis continues, motorists are looking for new ways to save money.

We asked our team of car enthusiasts what they’re doing to cut the cost of driving – from going green to downsizing.

Has your driving changed since the credit crunch?

Andy Goodwin – Junior writer

“I waved goodbye to my beloved Ford Fiesta ST and its relatively thirsty 2-litre petrol engine, and said hello to a 2004 Volkswagen Golf TDI.

“Fuel economy has gone up from 32mpg to more than 50mpg, and tax has gone down two bands from E to C – so downsizing has been a good result.”

May Starey – Picture editor

I put off paying for road tax by submitting a SORN on my car for a few months and shared my fiancé’s Peugot 306 instead, which is much cheaper to run.

“I walk and use public transport for shorter journeys. I’ve even considered selling my car, but I love it so much it’ll take a lot more crunch for me to go down that road!”

Adrian Higgins – Web Editor

“I’m a lot more aware of green driving techniques.”

“One of my bad habits is to always use the air-con but I’m trying to reduce that. I pay more attention to fuel consumption with smoother acceleration and braking.”

Stuart Milne – Deputy Editor

“I’ve dropped my motorway speed by a few miles per hour, and I’m more aware when cars are braking in front of me so I don’t need to jump on the brakes – something that wastes fuel.

“I don’t go out of my way to find the cheapest fuel, but I make a mental note of the prices and make sure I fill up at the cheapest station as I pass it.”

Keith Collantine – Assistant Editor (trade)

“I’ve always been careful not to spend too much on my motoring, so I guess my driving style hasn’t really changed.

“I never want to use too much fuel – it wasn’t exactly a bargain to begin with!”

Adrian Hearn – Senior writer

“The credit crunch hasn’t affected my driving or spending style. As I don’t have a mortgage I’m not too affected by the banking crisis and fuel prices have now dropped.

“In this time we need to keep spending but the media has scared the public a lot with its coverage of the recession. If we keep spending, people will keep jobs!”

Vijay Pattni – Junior writer

“I don’t drive that much so the credit crunch hasn’t really affected me, but I do try and find the cheapest diesel prices.

“I don’t log up thousands of miles a year, but for someone who does I would recommend a diesel – such as the BMW 320d.”

Dom Sacco – Junior copy writer

“I’ve held off on buying my first car, and insured myself as a named driver on my girlfriend’s car for now – a trusty 1990 Ford Fiesta.

“We benefit from lower fuel costs by splitting the bill in half, and I’m using the extra money to save towards a new car.”

Money-saving advice

To save more money on your motoring, visit our cut car costs centre and view our money-saving tips.

How has the credit crunch affected YOUR driving?



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3 responses to “Has the credit crunch affected your driving?

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  2. Ian

    Traded from a Skoda VRS (insurance group 16, tax band e) to a seat toldeo tdi (ins group 6, tax band c)
    saved a fortune on insurance and Tax …

  3. Malcolm Vannan

    Just picked up a Volvo XC70 SE Lux (new shape) 6 months old, 2000miles for half the new price. Ya beauty!!!!

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