Replica cars: Cool or naff?

A Ford Cougar disguised as an Audi R8

The Cougar8: A Ford Cougar disguised as an Audi R8

Why do people build replica cars? For the technical challenge? Novelty value? Or simply because they can’t afford a sports car, but can afford to spend days transforming their regular wheels into a more exotic shape?

The phenomenon of replica cars – ordinary vehicles made up to look like sportscars and luxury cars – has a dedicated following.

Have you tried your hand at building a replica car? What do you think of them?

Replica creations achieve varying degrees of success. The Ford Cougar-based Audi R8 featured on Auto Trader today is one of the better examples.

Modifying a car to improve its appearance is one thing, but trying to make a car look like a model that costs a lot more seems a bit desperate.

And are they not embarassing to drive around in? They seem to send out the message “I can’t afford the car I want but I’m going to pretend I can.”

Perhaps I’m being cynical. Tell us what you think of replica cars – and post links to any other cool ones you’ve found below.



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5 responses to “Replica cars: Cool or naff?

  1. fred gurley

    In the case of Cobras, the real deal can cost upwards of a million dollars. For less than 50k you can have a replica that looks and drives a lot like the original.

  2. chris

    i think they are ok because i think people should at lest pretend like its the real deal even do it not an even if they cant afford it ‘i think people should have a little fun = }

  3. replicas are cool, looks the same yet not expensive..

  4. Two words for you; Lancia Stratos.
    Made by Hawk Cars and some of the finest replicas ever built.

  5. I remember back in the early nineties seeing a replica Testerossa which was basically a heap of junk underneath some clever styling kit that managed to sound like an Escort with a blown exhaust when running.

    I think that’s the biggest issue with replicas – the styling may be close but if pushed to perform you’re going to look extremely silly very quickly. Essentially they’re over-stuffed posing-pouches.

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