Hamilton vs Massa vs Kubica: Who will be champion?

Title rivals Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton clashed in Fuji

Title rivals Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton clashed in Fuji

Two races left, three drivers still in the championship hunt.

Will Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa or Robert Kubica win the F1 world championship?

Lewis Hamilton

Pro: Excellent in wet and a strong overtaker has a very competitive and reliable McLaren underneath him and a five-point advantage
Con: Still making the kind of mistakes that shows he hasn’t learnt the lessons of 2007. Has incurred a lot of penalties – some fair, some dubious.

Felipe Massa

Pro: Ferrari has a slight edge on performance over McLaren and Massa has gone from strength to strength this year with a string of critic-defying performances. Ferrari have also dropped the controversial pit lane traffic light system that was causing them problems.
Con: Question marks over his ability in the wet and skill in wheel-to-wheel racing.

Robert Kubica

Pro: Arguably the fastest and most consistent driver of 2008. Very strong in qualifying as well.
Con: He’s 12 points behind Hamilton and his BMW isn’t quick enough to challenge the Ferraris and McLarens. He needs luck on his side – especially after his very unlucky penalty in Singapore.

Who do you think will win the F1 title? Have your say below.



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7 responses to “Hamilton vs Massa vs Kubica: Who will be champion?

  1. I have some troubles with my web browser MacWWW (Samba) on your internet site. The monkeys are still in the system :(.

  2. Eddie

    Hate is a bad thing…Hamilton will WIN!One of the best drivers in the rain,in Brazil they are expecting heavy rain on sunday,that should wash the tears of all you haters……GO Hamilton……………

  3. s_candy

    oh and i forgot felipe has alonso and raikkonen behind him….not looking good for lewis.
    go massa!

  4. s_candy

    personally from my perspective, lewis hasn’t got much of a chance at winning. think about it he has a brilliant rival up against him-felipe, who has a home crowd behind him at the last race. also felipe has a better car and more experience. also dont forget the abysmal performance last year from lewis, i dont think he has a good history at interlagos!! as well as that dont forget the stuards that seem to have a liking for the men in red (lolz ferrari). to be honest he will win a title…just not this year. this year is felipe’s year!!!
    anyway im rooting for felipe
    gooooooo massa!!!! 😀

  5. Si

    Also the fact that Alonso has come out and said he’ll help Massa, i.e. stop Lewis. mmmm I don’t have a good feeling about this.

  6. CGW

    Despite the fact that Lewis caused most of his woes in the Japanese grand prix himself in the first corner and hopefully got a rocket from Ron Dennis, I’m sure that officials over the next two races will do their utmost to dish out punishments to prevent him from winning such as ‘mclaren having an unfair advantage for having four road wheels’, ‘using fuel during the race’ or ‘not driving round the track backwards’

  7. I’m amazed that Lewis Hamilton appears to be losing the plot. Last year at this stage I think I’m right in saying he had a 12 point lead and still lost. I really thought this year he would’ve learnt his lesson and would storm the championship. Still I suppose it makes the whole thing more interesting!

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