Is Volkswagen’s Pickup a good idea?

VW Pickup concept

VW Pickup concept

Volkswagen has announced it will build a new Pickup Truck.

VW hasn’t produced a pickup to be sold in the UK since the Caddy which was based on the MK1 Golf platform.

So why has VW decided to produce a new Pickup after it stopped production of the last model in 1992?

The new model is thought to be powered by a new common rail diesel engine. Power output is estimated to be from 100bhp to 150bhp, while producing emissions lower than 180g/km.

As for it looks, designers have used styling cues for the Pickups grill and headlights taken from the recently released Volkswagen Scirocco and the up coming MK6 Golf.

The Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara are just some of the trucks the German based model will be competing against.

The VW is brand is pushing heavily on commercial branding as pictures show the launch model to be supporting a ‘Search and Rescue’ Lifeguard theme. With the ability to carry a European-sized crate, this could prove to be a serious contender against the models brands already in the market.

Are you thinking of buying a Pickup? Is so, would you consider this model?

As more and more of us are downsizing our cars, is it a good idea for VW to be producing a one tonne Pickup truck?

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