Have you got a private number plate?

Private number plates can sell for six-figure sums

Private number plates can sell for six-figure sums

Do you own a private number plate? Would you want a plate on your car that spells something special?

Some people will go to surprising lengths to put ‘cherished numbers’ on their cars. Earlier this year one West Ham fan paid £57,000 for the licence plate WE57 HAM.

What’s the appeal of having a personal car registration plate?

Personal number plates tend to be found on more expensive cars. For example, 41.9% of 4×4 owners and 38.3% of sports car owners have private number plates.

However the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) has banned some number plates for being too naughty – like L4 TEX and STR 11P.

Do you own one – or do you think they’re a waste of money? If you were going to buy one, what would it spell out?

More information on buying a cherished plate: Buy number plates



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19 responses to “Have you got a private number plate?

  1. I agree with Roz they can make great gifts and rarely drop in value. A friend of mine recently bought his wife a K155 style plate for her birthday and it looks great on their car.

  2. It is ironic that DVLA will sell you a registration that needs to be mis-spaced to make sense.

    • … and then advise you that if you do choose to mis-space your registration it could be taken away from you. Perfect example; R511 NGH will be offered at auction this week. Surely the owner will be tempted to display it as R 511NGH to emphasise what it represents?

  3. I have just got back from a number plates auction. People are still prepared to pay tens of thousands of pounds for that special registration. As an example the number plate 108 AL sold for a hammer price of £26,000 today. What recession?

  4. Mark

    I have a great number plate as a West Ham fan which is WE56 HAM.
    I was over the moon when I purchasd it, now on retention for a reluctant sale.
    I would consider sensible offers for it as money is needed for home improvements.

  5. I have a private number plate on my car… and a few more I bought as an investment. The good ones go up in value… but you do need to pick carefully.

  6. I want to know about different types of number plates of vehicles. I hope your blog will be very helpful for me in this purpose. Your close cooperation will remain forever, Regards.
    private number plates

  7. Tan

    I have a number plate for sale T19NNS which reads out as TANNS. If interested please call 07518081981.

  8. Roz

    I bought one for my husband as a gift- it spells out his name. I think it is a good way of making your car stand out.

    The plate is in the old style- so Letter, Number Number Number and then three letters again.

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