New Volkswagen Scirocco – would you buy one?

In September, Volkswagen is going all nostalgic with the re-launch of the Scirocco badge.

Sixteen years after the last Scirocco rolled off the production line, a new, sleeker and aggressive-looking coupe-hatch will be adorning Volkswagen forecourts worldwide.

Using the same platform and engine as the Golf GTi, the Scirocco – which is slightly longer, wider and lower than the Golf – will boast hot hatch performance, coupe looks and be attainable to many with a price tag of about £22,000.

Are you thinking of buying one?

With its great looks, historic name and (in the future) a wide choice of engines, the Scirocco faces tough competition from within the Volkswagen Audi Group.

There’s not doubting the design – so will this tempt buyers away from the more common Golf GTi?

Then there’s the price – are potential Audi TT buyers going to look at the considerably cheaper Scirocco and opt for the Volkswagen?

We’re in Portugal tomorrow driving the Scirocco where we’ll get a gauge of the car’s cornering prowess. With a wider and lower base, there’s a good chance the Scirocco could feel more planted than its Golf GTi sibling.

Auto Trader will be publishing our review of the Scirocco on Wednesday morning so don’t forget to come to for our opinion on the comeback kid.

So would you buy one over the Golf GTi or Audi TT?



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41 responses to “New Volkswagen Scirocco – would you buy one?

  1. Vw Scirocco really is a great technology and have a very nice design.

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