Top Gear hits America

It’s like Top Gear… in America.

The UK’s biggest motoring programme hops across the pond to deliver high-octane thrills to the US – swapping Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May for a trio of American hosts in Top Gear USA.

The new series of Top Gear starts in the UK this Sunday with the familiar line up of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

Meanwhile, the new American version will feature radio personality and comedy star Adam Carolla, stunt driver Tanner Foust, and soap opera actor and builder Eric Stromer.

There is no word however, on whether ‘Fat Stig’ – who appeared when the Top Gear trio headed to the States – will star in the new series.

Jeremy Clarkson – who recently turned 48 years old – delivered a trademark riposte: “This is fantastic news – but how on earth you lot are going to do it on the wrong side of the road I’ve no idea.”

Sitting in Adam Carolla’s garage are several classic Lamborghinis, Maseratis, two Ferraris and an Audi S4.

Tanner Foust – who performed stunt driving for The Bourne Ultimatum, The Fast and the Furious and The Dukes of Hazard – has a fully kitted BMW M3.

And ‘heart-throb’ Eric Stromer? He apparently prefers his Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Which of these three presenters match up to their UK counterparts? Will Top Gear USA be a success?



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4 responses to “Top Gear hits America

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  2. Dingell Barry

    I hate Adam Corolla. It’s embarassing to think that this was the best we have to offer. This show will be lame. Why must we keep trying to find successful roles for unsuccessful actors on new projects? Embarassing…

    Edited by moderator. No swearing please.

  3. Alex

    I enjoyed topgear

  4. Hamster to switch on Blackpool Illuminations- The Top Gear team is set to roar into the resort

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