Can Lewis Hamilton bounce back from his Canada crash?

In his short F1 career of 24 starts Lewis Hamilton has already packed in six wins and ten other podium finishes.

But when it goes wrong for Hamilton it goes spectacularly wrong as anyone who watched yesterday’s Canadian Grand Prix will know.

He failed to react in time to a red light in the pit lane and crashed into one of his biggest rivals – 2007 champion Kimi Raikkonen. Can he bounce back?

Hamilton’s mistake in yesterday’s race is another story in an F1 career already filled with the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

Two weeks after winning the Monaco Grand Prix a split-second’s mistake saw him crashing out in a most embarrassing way.

It will have brought back memories of the blunder in China last year that saw him slither out of the race on worn-out tyres as he was poised to claim the championship.

Hamilton clearly has the pace and talent to win races. But can he get these unforced errors under control?



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7 responses to “Can Lewis Hamilton bounce back from his Canada crash?

  1. nuhDresse

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  2. bitAnosseNone

    Just examined the topic. Awesome work.

  3. Chris

    It really is a shame that Lewis’s car is not painted red because you can bet your life that they would not have been penalised at all.
    If a McClaren had a broken exhaust pipe, i wonder if it would be allowed to continue to race? And now Kimi has a ‘FREE’ engine change. I cannot believe the bias that goes on in F1. I wonder what kickbacks Bernie etc get from the boys in red!

  4. Hooner

    Sods law is conspiring to prevent him getting the trophy. Mayby not this season, remember he’s still a Rookie. There’s a long way to this season but next season perhaps.

  5. Luke Moody

    Lewis had an uncharacteristic lapse of concentration. He must have been looking in his mirrors for cars coming up the pit lane and forgot to look in front of him. It’s a shame and if it ends up costing him another championship he will kick himself for such a silly mistake.

  6. scotty

    Well what a suprise!!!! things didn’t work out for the red cars again so lets penalise Hamilton…… Its a pity the same stewards didn’t apply a similar 10 grid row punishment to Kimi for doing pretty much the same thing 2 weeks ago in Monaco. Oh yeah he drives a Ferrari cant blame him then….FOR %*&%SAKE SORT THIS “SPORT”OUT

  7. Steve Kay

    Its nice to know that even the pro’s can get the braking wrong. In our office from now on running into the back of someone will be called “doing a hamilton” We do wish him luck in France though.

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