Video: Honda’s ASIMO robot takes a fall

The new ASIMO is the latest in Honda’s 22-year evolution of its amazing robot.

The 1986 model called ‘E0’ took five seconds to take a single step.

It’s moved on since then but, as this video shows, there have been some mis-steps along the way.

Today’s ASIMO can run at 6km/h with both his feet in mid-air for a fraction of a second with each stride.

Creating a bipedal humanoid model is no mean feat.

The P3 model unveiled in 1997 had simple hands and a much larger frame, the 10-year-old Honda robot simply didn’t have the finesse of itsmodern counterpart.

But, even the latest-tech ASIMO still makes mistakes – occasionally teetering and then falling spectacularly as it walks up stairs.

The fact we winced as we watched this video of ASIMO falling on his face shows just how lifelike Honda’s robot has become.



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2 responses to “Video: Honda’s ASIMO robot takes a fall

  1. Now they should come ito our daily life.There is lot of work for them.

  2. Glasgow Guy

    not sure how genuine this video is, i mean the audience has got kids in it, not the high flying ecexs you would assume, anyone get get a robot costume and put a honda slide up on screen!

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